Molten BG3000 ready for personalisation

Personalised Molten BG3000

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This is a high-performance indoor ball waiting to be given your custom spin.
The personalised Molten BG3000 features a 12-panel design made with premium composite leather for match quality durability with consistent form and feel. Built to last, the FIBA approved design includes a butyl bladder ensuring the basketball keeps its shape and remains inflated.

Simply enter the text that you would like to appear on the ball below. Select your Font, Colour options and enter any further information you think we might need to know to make your custom ball exactly how you imagined.

Let your imagination run wild!

If the "Custom Atelier" font is more your style... We get it, ours too!

Simply enter your text below, select the "CA" font and write a brief note on what colours and styles you would like to see. For example: "Bluescale" or "NO PINK PLZ!" or Primary Colours. Give us as much information as you can; or if you dont know, simply leave it up to us! We wont disappoint!

All "CA" Font purchases will be sent a "Mock Up" of the design for approval prior to works starting.


Choosing the right colours is the key to making your custom ball stand out on the court. Pick two colours for our standard font to create a bold and eye-catching design. The first colour option,or the “Main Colour”, will be the focus, while the second colour option, or the “Outline Colour” will provide a contrasting outline. Make your mark and show off your unique style!


Upgrade your ball with our Custom Atelier font. If you really want to stand out from the crowd or even just display in your room, our Custom Atelier font adds that something a little extra!

Personalise with your favourite

Mix and Match your favourite ball, colours and fonts to express your personality. There are so many options to choose from!